After 17 Innings And Nearly Six Hours Of Baseball, The Twins Finally Beat The Red Sox

It took 17 innings and almost six hours, but the team with the best record in the American League finally beat the Red Sox. There were some shenanigans with perhaps a botched call, but the umpires got the call right. Eddie Rosario bunted with his foot appearing to be out of the batter’s box, but it has to be all the way out for the batter to be called out. Alex Cora protested the call on the field, but admitted after the game that the umpires got the call right. Rosario was allowed to continue his at-bat, he doubled, and the Twins walked it off.

Don’t get me wrong — the Red Sox didn’t exactly deserve to win, even if Rosario’s foot was entirely out of the box, which it wasn’t. The Red Sox scored three runs on 17 goddamn hits, left 14 men on base, went 1-for-13 with runners in scoring position, and had countless opportunities to win this one, including capitalizing on a go-ahead homer by Mookie Betts in the 13th that Hector Velazquez couldn’t lock down. They failed to capitalize in several situations where the winning run was just sitting out there.

More on this tomorrow. We’ve got a Starting 9 recording early. Fuck my life.

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