Is Drake Worse Than Spike Lee Ever Was As A Superfan?

No, not yet. But boy oh boy is it getting close. Can you imagine if Spike ever tried to interact with Pat Riley in the middle of a game? They would have just buried him where his body fell at MSG. Incomprehensible behavior (behaviour for the Canadian readers of this particular blog) by Aubrey Graham in this moment.

The only reason I can’t fully put Drake ahead of Spike Lee on the list of all time most annoying superfans is that he hasn’t directly led to a bad playoff loss yet. Like his antics are over-the-top and corny but that’s Drake. It’s not like the Raptors built some huge lead tonight, Drake started getting in Giannis’ face which caused Giannis to snap and singlehandedly bring the Bucks back. Until that happens – because I think we all agree it’s a “when” not an “if” – I can’t, in good faith say Drake is worse than Spike was. Now if Toronto moves on to the Finals and Durant starts throwing up the choke symbol in Drake’s grillmix, then when can revisit this conversation and adjust accordingly. Until then…

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